A Tough Act to Follow(except on Twitter)

As an actor,  I feel it is important to follow other actors and entertainers on Twitter.  Here are ten actors that I feel are important for fellow acting hopefuls to follow.  They sure are a tough act to follow(except on Twitter).

   1) Darren Criss

At the age of 24, Darren has already achieved so much.  Darren was first introduced to the public when he co-founded a theatre company called StarKid Productions.  Through this company of University of Michigan classmates, Darren was first seen by millions of viewers on YouTube as a singing Harry Potter in “A Very Potter Musical”, for which he composed music.  Since then, Darren starred in  and wrote music for the sequel and composed the music for two other of the company’s shows.  He also appeared on the show Eastwick for a time.  However, Darren’s true fame arrived when he joined the cast of GLEE this season and premiered with a #1 single.  The great thing about Darren is that he hasn’t let the fame change him.  He is still true to himself and loyal to his friends.  He even took time away from shooting GLEE to visit the rest of StarKid in Chicago when they were putting on their newest production, “Starship”.  Being a singer, songwriter, and actor has made Darren a force to be reckoned with.  You can follow Darren here:  @DarrenCriss

2) Joey Richter

Like Darren, Joey is an original member of StarKid Productions.  At the age of 21, Joey is known around the world by Starkid fans.  He is mostly known for playing the Ron Weasley to Darren’s Harry Potter.  Joey has starred in all four of the company’s productions.  You can tell that he has a strong friendship with all the StarKid members as well.  I enjoy following Joey on Twitter because he always has something fun and interesting to say.  You can follow Joey here:  @JoeyRichter

from ppjumpping on flickr.com

3) Kaley Cuoco

Kaley has been on TV shows like 8 Simple Rules and Charmed, but she is most well known for playing Penny on The Big Bang Theory.  Kaley is very talented, and she has a great acting range.  I hope to some day have opportunities like she has had.  I enjoy following her because she seems to be very genuine and down to earth.  You can follow Kaley here:  @KaleyCuoco

from iCarly Downloads on flickr.com

4) Jerry Trainor

Jerry Trainor(pictured with costar Nathan Kress) is one of the best comedic actors of our time.  Jerry has been working for Nickelodeon since 2004.  First as a recurring character on Drake & Josh, and now he is one of the stars of the hit show iCarly.  Jerry’s antics are guaranteed to make anyone laugh.  His characters always provide comic relief, though he can also conquer dramatic scenes.  I admire Jerry because he has proven that you can be successful working for youth-geared television, and I think that I would like to work for Disney or Nickelodeon in the future.  I enjoy following Jerry on Twitter because he is just as funny in real life as he is on screen, minus the physical comedy of course.  You can follow Jerry here:  @jerrytrainor

courtesy of fanpop.com

5) Rainn Wilson

Rainn is most well-known for playing Dwight Schrute on The Office.  Rainn is also very intelligent which adds to the appeal of his Twitter account, as does his wit.  Rainn is very multi-faceted.  I love following Rainn on Twitter because he always has something funny or interesting to say.  You can follow Rainn here:  @rainnwilson

courtesy of femalefirst.co.uk

6) Steve Valentine

British actor, Steve Valentine, currently resides in LA.  He has been on many TV shows including Crossing Jordan, and Monk.  Steve currently stars on the DisneyXD show I’m in the Band.  Not only is Steve an actor, but he is also a professional magician and he often gets to perform magic on his shows.  Steve has a very wide range of acting talent as well.  Steve is a great person to follow on Twitter because he has been very successful so far.  You can follow him here:  @Stevevalentine

courtesy of davidhigham.co.uk

7) Stephen Fry

British actor, Stephen Fry, is known for many things in his native country.  In fact, some would consider him a national treasure.  Among all of his accomplishments, Stephen is most well-known for starring opposite Hugh Laurie in the TV series A Bit of Fry and Laurie.  Also, Stephen currently hosts a panel show called QI, on which he educates the panel and audience weekly about things that are “Quite Interesting”.  This shows allows Stephen to showcase his extreme intellect while keeping his sense of humor.  I really admire Stephen for both his acting and his intellegence.  I have learned so much from watching his show.  I like following Stephen on Twitter because he always has something interesting to say.  You can follow him here: @stephenfry

8 ) Jim Gaffigan

courtesy of socal.com

Jim Gaffigan is an actor and stand-up comedian.  Jim has been in many movies and TV shows.  He has also performed stand-up comedy for many years and he has sold lots of comedy albums.  He is most well-known for his comedy routine concerning Hot Pockets.  I enjoy following Jim on Twitter because his comic nature always appears in his tweets.  You can follow him here:  @JimGaffigan

courtesy of Freedom To Marry on flickr.com

9) Ellen Degeneres

Ellen has won 15 Emmys for her daytime talk show since it first premiered in 2003.  Ellen came out to the public in 1997, becoming the first openly-gay actor to portray an openly-gay character on prime-time television.  In this way she paved the way for others.  I admire Ellen because she always stands up for what she believes in.  It is Ellen’s courage, love of life, and sense of humor that draw people to her.  She even hosted her show from a hospital bed because she is so devoted to her job and her fans.  I love that she dances with her audience on every show.  Ellen is also a great stand-up comedian.  It is also evident from her Twitter that Ellen genuinely cares for everyone on staff for the Ellen Show.  I enjoy following Ellen on Twitter, because it is just one more channel for me to experience her humor.  You can follow her here: @TheEllenShow

10) Chris Colfer

courtesy of about.com

Chris Colfer will celebrate his 21st birthday this month, and he already possesses a Golden Globe Award, which he won this year.  He won the award for playing the role of Kurt Hummel on GLEE.  Chris is extremely talented.  Not only can he sing and dance, but watching his dramatic scenes on GLEE evokes gut-wrenching emotions in the viewers.  He is a powerhouse performer.  The other great thing about Chris is that he stays true to himself.  This is easy to see through his tweets.  You can follow him here:  @chriscolfer

Fun Stuff

Here are two video clips the first is of Darren Criss and Joey Richter performing on one of the Starkid shows, “A Very Potter Sequel”.  The second is of Stephen Fry on his show QI.  ENJOY!


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