Article Review #4

What article did I read?

I read an article about the new censorship laws in India. The article comes from The New York Times website.  The article is titled “India Puts Tight Leash on Internet Free Speech” and it was written by Vikas Bajaj.  The article can be found here:

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What was the article about?

India has recently put new restrictions on the Internet use of its citizens.  “The new rules… allow officials and private citizens to demand that Internet service providers remove content they consider objectionable on the basis of a long list of criteria.”  This long list includes anything that “threatens the unity, integrity, defense, security or sovereignty of India, friendly relations with foreign states or public order.”  The Indian government continues to add more restrictions to the already severely restricted concept of free expression.  The government has already found reason to “ban books, movies and other material about sensitive subjects like sex, politics, and religion.”  Now, the Indian government’s focus has moved to the Internet.

How does this tie into class discussions?

This article relates to class discussion because we were just talking about free speech and censorship in chapter 16.  The citizens of India are losing their freedom of speech and freedom of expression.  What will they lose next?

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Why should media professionals care about this issue?

With more and more restrictions being put on Internet access in India, the citizens of that country could soon become detached from most world media.  Therefore, media professionals would lose job opportunities in India, and they would have to be sure to monitor what they release in India.

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What is the Gen Y component to the media information?

The Indian members of Gen Y are losing access to what makes Gen Y what it is.  Gen Y is a generation of people dedicated to using technology and the Internet.  What will happen to the ones who can not use it?  The citizens of India who have such restricted access to the Internet will become less technologically advanced than those who have unrestricted access. 

Does this information change the current media landscape in anyway?

This information does change the current media landscape.  Many businesses that write software or create Web services are based in India.  What will happen to these companies if the restrictions increase?  At this rate, the companies will most likely eventually flounder.  Then there will be a shift in the balance of the world’s technology providers.

Fun Stuff

This video will probably be banned in India in the near future for some unknown reason, so you might as well enjoy it now.


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