Ad Analysis

GEICO, the insurance company, has had many memorable commercials.  Many of these commercials involve a little, green gecko telling the viewers how to save money on insurance.  However,  I believe that the commercial starring the “little piggy” is much more memorable.  The commercial is memorable because it takes the “this little piggy went…” game, that most of us learned as children, to an entirely new level.  This commercial is bizarre, yet fun which is why people enjoy watching it.

Here is the commercial:

Analysis: What elements of “puffery” and deception can you find?

The deception is this commercial is the product placement.  The product, which is GEICO insurance, is only mentioned twice in the commercial.  The remainder of the time, the audience is just watching a little pig squealing.  The audience can become so involved in the commercial, that they completely forget what is being sold to them.

Analysis: What are the conventional persuasive strategies used?

The conventional persuasive strategy utilized in this commercial is “plain folks”. Since the commercial does not utilize any of the other five strategies, “plain folks” is the most likely. This commercial uses “plain folks” to appeal to the everyman.  Sure, not everyone drives a talking pig around, but I am sure they have driven children that act in much the same way.  I was once part of a carpool with such a child.  GEICO also uses the “this little piggy went…” game, which is known to most people, as the basis of their commercial. Since it is a game that most people learned during their childhood, this commercial can appeal to a broad audience.

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Analysis: What is the ad really selling?

I believe that the little piggy ad from GEICO is selling annoyance.  Just as the mom driving the car in the commercial becomes annoyed, so to will the audience.  The audience will become so annoyed that they will be driven to buy insurance just to shut up the little piggy.

Placement: Was the placement of the ad effective in reaching the ad’s target market?

GEICO’s little piggy ad usually airs during prime-time television hours.  The people watching prime-time television shows are usually of driving-age.  Which means that the people that need car insurance are more than likely seeing the little piggy commercial.  So, yes, the placement of the ad is effective in reaching it’s target market.

Placement: Did you buy the product after seeing this ad?

No, I have not bought GEICO insurance.  I am currently on an insurance plan with my family, so I have no need to buy insurance by myself at the present moment.  However, who knows what the future will bring?

Fun Stuff

You can also follow the GEICO piggy on Facebook here:!/pages/Geico-Piggy/139332126099323

And if you are interested, GEICO’s official website can be found here:


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