Article Review #3

What article did I read?

I read an article about the current advertising change for Aflac.  The article is titled Aflac and Monster Team Up to Find a Duck’s Voice, and it was written by Stuart Elliot.  You can find the article here:

What was the article about?

Gilbert Gottfried (courtesy of

Gilbert Gottfried, who has been the voice of the Aflac duck for many years, was fired last week because of some jokes that he posted on his Twitter account.  The jokes were about the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, which Aflac “deemed insensitive”.  Since Mr. Gottfried was fired, Aflac has been airing a silent commercial, originally from 2005, while they search for a new voice for the duck.

Aflac has teamed up with to find a replacement for Mr. Gottfried.  The two companies have launched a nation-wide search/competition to find a new voice for the duck.  More details about the competition can be found on Aflac’s Facebook page.  The competition is open to everyone, both amateurs and professionals.  The competition will run through April 1st, and the winner will become the new voice of the duck.

The Silent Commercial

How does this tie into class discussions?

Advertising is one of the topics of which we have been discussing in class.  Aflac is currently in the midst of restructuring their entire advertising scheme.

Why should media professionals care about this issue?

This issue is important because media professionals who go into advertising could have a similar situation to deal with some day.  Advertisers must be able to think and create a new ad campaign at a moments notice.

What is the Gen Y component to the media information?

Aflac commercials have been around for many years of Generation Y’s lifetime.  The Aflac duck is a icon, especially with Gilbert’s voice.  Now, Generation Y is getting a chance to become the new duck through social networking sites, like Facebook and YouTube, which have become a big part of our culture.  Since Generation Y is so tech savvy, they will have a better chance at entering the competition then some of the older generations.

Does this information change the current media landscape in any way?

The Aflac duck and his voice have become a media icon in recent years.  Some children will even say “Aflac!” when they see a white duck.  So, the fact that the duck is going to get a new voice could impact the media landscape.  In what way exactly?  Well, that is something that we will just have to wait to find out.

Who will be the new duck?

(courtesy of


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